Friday, June 22, 2012

kris's visit

My sweet sister and niece came for a visit!
Here are some of the things we did...

These cuties planned a family Olympics.
They made awesome medals and everything.

Warming up for the trampoline events.

Skoogs doing her spin jump.
She got lots of "oooooh"s and maybe even a score of 10.

T.W. in the throwing contest.  He won.

JoBugs & Jasper.
Just a little break in between events.

JoBugs in the batting competition.
Kris keeping track of scores!

The 100 yard dash!

Googles showing us how to do the
standing long jump!

My niece with Jasper.
Break time.

And then it was Father's Day!

My kids have the best dad EVER!!!

Good day.  Love you Trev!!

The Mercantile!!  Fun place to go.
Who doesn't like candied jalapenos??

 Mom, Dad, me & Kris.
Just finishing up some super yummy
butter pecan ice cream.

Last night here.
Got to sit by the fire at Mom & Dad's place.

Loved your visit sister.
Please come again SOON!


  1. GREAT visit with Kris and Maren! Ended too soon, but they needed to go home to their own family. Hey, move out here!!! :)

  2. I glad to read about your happy life! What a fun visit!

  3. I'm stunned at the smartphone-blog sabotage! Whoa! Glad you started a new blog. See you soon....

  4. I loved our visit, too! THis was a crazy summer and you guys made it sane!!! xxx