the dogs

We have the cutest dogs.

Meet Cotton & Jasper Jones...

 Does it get much cuter than this?
I really don't think so.

Cotton is our 5 year old cream Pomeranian.  We got him when he was just a puppy and he was a pain to train.  BUT he is the most obedient dog now.
He plays favorites though and I am not one of them.
Trevor and JoBugs get that honor.
He is a super good dog.

I should probably add that Cotton thinks he is a 
real boy.

And he will do anything Trevor wants.  He doesn't complain because he wants to please his Master.
Even riding on a rip stick on Trev's shoulders without a whimper.

Jasper is our 6 year old Yorkie.
He is adorable.

We have only had him 1 year but we are all in love with him.
He loves to snuggle and cuddle and he is so mild mannered.

Except when you give him a squeakie toy.  Then he is a crazy dog.
Super crazy.

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